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Why We're Different 

Choosing a financial advisor is a very important and personal decision.  Not only do you have to be on board with the financial concepts presented, but you have to be comfortable with the person you work with.  At Tomaro Financial Group, we do everything to put you first and aim to make you feel like part of a family. From the beginning, we will work to earn your trust so that you can share the information you need to let us guide you in the best way, and so that we can be the trusted voice of reason in difficult times and markets.  Nothing means more to us than seeing our clients succeed, and we hope to be your advisor of choice to help get you there.

Why People Choose Us

We take an in-depth approach to look at all aspects of your financial house and make recommendations that fit your needs.  Having an independent advisor who has been in the industry for over 40 years, our group has access to experience with all types of markets, products, and scenarios. We have a steady hand to give calming words in bad markets to avoid costly timing mistakes.  We retain our clients by doing the right thing and avoiding high-risk products. As Vicky has always said when attending sales conferences in the past, “the bigger the shrimp, the worse the product”. Finally, we have seen all types of scenarios that have prepared us to help you in today’s challenging financial landscape.

The Independent Advantage 

Being an independent financial planning firm allows us to offer our clients more choices and exist in a conflict-free environment.  We have no agenda to place a proprietary product or a certain investment product from a specific company, nor do we make decisions for our clients out of the need to meet a quota.  Being independent allows us to choose products and services that suit the client’s situations and to put our clients first.