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Financial Divorce Planning
The ideal time to begin financial planning for divorce is when an individual contemplates making this life change. A financial advisor can review the family assets, liabilities, income, needs and give guidance as to the possible financial impact a divorce may have. The financial advisors at Tomaro Financial Group, LLC can run various scenerios to help the individual look at the realistic financial impact of splitting one household into two households. Sometimes there are various financial solutions and paths that may solve the challenges of divorce and an individual should explore them all.

Financial Mediation
Financial Mediation is a process by which couples can develop their own solutions and focus on resolving the financial portion of their divorce with the guidance of a financial advisor. The experienced advisors at Tomaro Financial Group, LLC can educate divorcing couples with a balanced and equal discussion about their assets, liabilities, real estate and retirement savings that need to be divided. Divorce is an emotional process and a financial advisor can set realistic expectations and guide them through the difficult decisions that need to be made to reach a fair settlement.

Services to Assist Matrimonial Attorneys and Their Clients
Tomaro Financial Group, LLC can assist matrimonial attorneys by providing education and financial guidance to their clients during the divorce process. Some of the services that attorneys have found valuable are:

Assistance gathering and completing a CIS (Case Information Statement)

Income Planning

Insurance Strategies to Cover Alimony Obligations

Lifestyle Review

Budget Analysis and Planning

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