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Divorce Planning

Divorce impacts the short-term and long-term financial goals of the family.  A financial advisor can guide divorcing individuals to complete the divorce process in a manner that protects their assets and maintains their long-term financial goals.  The advisors at Tomaro Financial Group work intimately with you to develop solutions and create strategies that will minimize the financial upheaval of divorce, and we strive to give people peace of mind.   

We work with clients through all stages of their divorce to get them through the difficult parts and on to them creating a new chapter in their life. 


Ideally, the time to begin financial planning for divorce is when an individual contemplates making this life change.  Sometimes there are various financial solutions and paths that may solve the challenges of divorce and an individual should explore them all.  Our Pre-Divorce planning services include:

  • Asset and Liability Aggregation and Net Worth Analysis
    • Valuation of Assets (Equity in Home, Pre-tax vs. Post-tax value of assets, etc.)
  • Income and Needs Analysis
  • Level Setting Expectations
    • Alimony and Child Support Expectations (Payor and Payee)
    • Household Changes
    • Child Education Funding
    • Go-forward Financial Expectations
  • Creative Asset Division Strategies

During Divorce: 

During your divorce, you may be working with opposing lawyers or with a mediator to come to a resolution and to get to a workable Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA).  Please use us as a resource to review potential agreements and how it will impact you financially going forward. You need to be comfortable in your decision making and having an objective third-party review on your behalf will help give you peace of mind.  During Divorce services include:

  • Complete review of financial components of the proposed agreement
  • QDRO Advice
  • Creative division of asset solutions to meet all party’s objectives
  • Financial Mediation (Working for individuals or on behalf of both divorcing parties, see “Financial Mediation”)
  • Mortgage qualification review
  • Life insurance qualification review
  • Liaison for all financial questions

Post Divorce:

We care deeply about our clients and work vigorously to get our clients through their divorce and back on their feet as quickly as possible.  Marital Settlement Agreements often lay out certain financial actions that need to be completed, and we have the products and services to complete those tasks.  Finally, you are creating a separate financial life from scratch, and we will assist you every step of the way to complete a seamless transition. Our full suite of Post-Divorce services include:

  • Obtaining Life Insurance (to satisfy MSA and to protect alimony and education funding)
  • Obtaining a Mortgage (Either through a new purchase or to satisfy MSA through refinancing an ex-spouse off of a mortgage)
  • Stay, Buy, or Rent Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Banking set-up
  • Automatic savings plans
  • Education planning
  • Retirement planning

Financial Mediation 

Economic Divorce Mediation is a process wherein couples work with a financial advisor to resolve the division of assets and develop a workable support arrangement.  The advisors at Tomaro Financial Group are often hired as mediators in both simple and complex financial divorces. Our experience spanning more than four decades gives us the insight to develop creative solutions that are mutually beneficial to the parties.  

Finances are not just about mathematics and we are cognizant of the emotional impact felt by individuals navigating the process.  We seek to understand people’s concerns about money and work to develop realistic expectations while guiding the couple through the required difficult decisions.  Our goal is to develop a fair resolution for both parties.